Custom Builds

Rigtec can offer a complete engineering service.    We pride ourselves on our abilities to offer design, solutions for repairs and the manufacture of components/items for all types of industry.

Rigtec is driven, by the recognition that in today’s business environment we need to be a cost effective engineering facility that can deliver products on time.

We have the capability to produce items cost effectively, machine one off components and build mass item production runs with CNC machining

•CNC Machining Centre

•CNC Lathe

Email: info@rigtec.co.nz 


The basis of high accuracy and precision is a combination of first class skills, the right equipment and meticulous attention to detail. These, matched with Rigtec’s in-house quality systems are Rigtec’s assurance that a job is produced to the highest standard.

Our investment in state-of-the-art high productivity technology ensures both exceptional quality and cost effective production – from one-off components to mass-production runs.

Examples of projects done at Rigtec

SKU 0520

Trailer and Boat build Project

Conveyor Track

  • Aeronautical clients such as Kaman Aerospace and Airbus
  • General Engineering such as keyway and gear cutting and machining of shafts
  •  Moulds for the confectionery, jewellery, plastic, wine industry
  •  Production runs of wheels, rigging blocks, pins, etc., for the rowing industry
  •  Repair and Maintenance
  •  We specialise in aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, plastic and copper

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