Rigtec Engineering Ltd

E-mail us with any queries at info@rigtec.co.nz

Rigtec Engineering Ltd manufactures and supplies lightweight pruning ladders in the following lengths:

  • 2.1 metres
  • 2.4 metres
  • 3.0 metres
  • 3.3 metres
  • 3.6 metres
  • 4.2 metres
  • 4.5 metres

Ladders in different lengths can be produced on request.

All ladders come with non-slip steps and head.

Rigtec Engineering Ltd also supplies "Rigsteps" for when extra height is required above the ladder.

A Rigstep will add up to one meter to the ladder’s height. The Rigstep is sold with a 100cm long chain and a non-slip step plate.

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