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Rigtec Engineering Ltd believes in a working partnership with our customers. An understanding of the customer’s needs is essential to enable Rigtec to deliver the best possible solution/product in function, quality and price.

Rigtec has designed and build several automated and specialised machines for a number of industries, working towards exceeding customers expectations in relation to the performance of these machines.

Rigtec Engineering Ltd utilises the latest in mechanical, pneumatic and electrical technology.

Wine Industry:

  • Pinot Plunger:
    Manufactured several pneumatic Pinot plungers, from single cylinder hand operated models to fully automated multi-cylinder plunger systems. All equipment have been "custom designed" to suit each customers requirements.
  • Wire Tie machine:
    Designed and built an automated machine for manufacturing paper-coated wire ties, used for tying grapevines onto wire runners.
  • Box Labelling:
    Designed and built an automated machine for applying labels and bar coding onto a range of different sized cardboard boxes at a rate of around 60 boxes per minute.

Mussel Industry:

  • Combi-Pak:
    Designed and built an automated machine for weighing and bagging half-shell mussels. This machine consist of a vibrating rotary weigh-head, a forming cone and a heat sealer. The mussels are weighed as they are deposited into the weighing buckets on the rotary weigh head. When the targeted weigh is achieved the product is deposited into the plastic bags. The bags are sealed and the weigh rechecked. This machine operates at about 60 times 1kg bags per minute.

Biodegradable products:

  • Starch Loader:
    Designed and built a machine for manufacturing biodegradable starch products, e.g., disposable plates, cups, meat trays and bait stations. The machine consists of an automated system for loading, pressing and cooking the starch in form moulds.

Confectionery Industry:

  • Design and built an automated machine for joining together half chocolate-coated marshmallow Easter eggs.

Examples of small fabrication items:

  • Trailers
  • Bull bars for trucks
  • Boat rigging
  • Storage racks for sheds and cars
  • Conveyer systems

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